Training Modes

Onsite Training - There are two options available for training at client sites

Using Client Hardware: Clients are responsible for providing facilities, hardware and software for the respective class. This type of training is for a group of people from the same company. Course setup is prepared by an individual or individuals from the client company. MultiHat provides setup instructions and the assigned instructor acts as remote assistance in helping your individual or individuals through the setup.

Using MultiHat Mobile Classrooms: Clients are responsible for providing facilities, and in some cases software for the respective class. With this option MultiHat can provide a hassle free preconfigured solution for your training requirements.

All onsite courses can be customized to suit your needs.

Dedicated Training - Facilities, hardware and software are provided by MultiHat. As with onsite training these classes are for individuals from one particular company. Like onsite training these classes can be catered and customized to suit your needs.

Public Training - These courses are held with multiple people from different companies. These courses cannot be customized. We have to stick to the curricula set out in the respective course outline when training various people from various companies.

Many public course dates are tentative and dependant on the number of enrolments. Courses are decided on (confirmed or cancelled) 10 business days before the respective course date. Please help us help you by registering well in advance. Registering a month or more in advance is preferred.

Please note that when classes are confirmed they'll be listed in the rolling text box on the left-hand side of your screen.


Our Onsite, Dedicated and Public Training prices are competitive. For pricing on our public offerings please visit the Course Finder and select the desired course. You'll receive pricing and location details on all public courses. Please contact us for Onsite and Offsite private training.

To register or for additional information please call Toll Free: 1-866-834-2907, 604-899-2599 or email
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